Traditions Fire Consulting provides a variety of fire protection services to help your project or business develop. We specialize in fire code analysis and interpretation and can be a useful asset for your design or management team with regards to negotiations with local code officials. We can provide evaluations of required fire protection systems and equipment. We have experience in all occupancy classifications and no project is too big or complex.

Building owners, architects, and engineering firms will also benefit from the services provided by Traditions Fire Consulting. All too often, model building codes and local ordinances pertaining to fire and life safety are not fully understood and are always open to interpretation. The codes are all written in black and white. However, the "gray" area of code interpretation involves what the "intent" of the code really is. Traditions Fire Consulting can help prospective building owners and developers, architects, and engineers understand the intent of the code and what may be the best way to achieve compliance. It is always more economical to understand and implement the requirements of the codes and standards on the front end of a project as opposed to costly change orders on the back end. Traditions Fire Consulting will facilitate an open line of communication on behalf of the client with the municipality and/or fire department. Our goal is to recommend options that the fire marshal or building official will accept during the design phase of the project so there will be no surprises during the inspections or certificate of occupancy issuance.

Some of the consulting services provided by Traditions Fire Consulting include:

  • Fire and Life Safety Analysis
  • Fire Code Analysis and Interpretation
  • Fire Protection Recommendations Based on Use and Occupancy
  • Water Supply Analysis
  • Fire Department Pre-Planning Including Required Fire Flow
  • Hazardous Materials Analysis
  • Fire Suppression System Design Criteria Recommendations
  • Insurance Underwriter Coordination
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans

Traditions Fire Consulting will provide its clients with free on-call technical support. Please contact us for further information.